Scale Fees

While Elite Collection Services will always endeavour to recover your debt in its entirety without the need for litigation, in some instances, all pre-legal collection avenues may be exhausted. If this occurs, and where commercially viable, Elite Collection Services may make a recommendation to commence legal proceedings. If you choose to commence proceedings, legal costs will be incurred.

The initial cost to commence action will depend on the size of your debt, the location of the debtor, or the jurisdiction that has been agreed between the parties (eg. via a credit application).

Regardless of the circumstances, Elite Collection Services has a panel of lawyers who are committed to instigating proceedings in the correct jurisdiction at the (set) scale rate. This means there are no hidden, or additional solicitor costs when commencing legal action, allowing you to make confident commercial decisions.

Current scale fees for NSW, QLD and VIC can be downloaded here for your consideration, or alternatively, contact an Elite Collection Services’ staff member to find out more.