Commercial Debt Recovery & Debt Collection

Elite Collection Services is a Licenced Commercial Agent specialising in commercial debt recovery and collections.

Elite Collection Services’ Managing Director, Chris Hayes, is known by his clients and peers as an industry leading professional in areas of debt recovery, collections, insolvency, litigation, dispute resolution and settlement negotiations.

Our Elite operators recognise that debt recovery is not a one size fits all market. Our staff assess each matter on a case by case basis and provide professional advice to our clients with a view of adopting a collection strategy that works for them! To do this, Elite Collection Services acknowledges each debtor’s circumstance is unique and prides itself on identifying the best way to communicate with debtors in order to settle the matter both promptly and professionally.

Our online debt recovery software allows Elite Collection Services’ clients the convenience of securely submitting and tracking the progress of their debtor files 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

If your agency is not delivering the results you desire, contact us today and experience our Elite Collection Service.